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Jack “I finally got my hands on the boots (or feet in them). They are amazing! Thank you very much for creating such fantastic boots. They are ‘wearable art'.”


Mandy “Thanks for the wonderful help getting Shawn and I fitted for our new boots. You guys are so great to work with- amazing customer service! & boots!”


Ben "I love them, best feeling boot in a stirrup I’ve ever had" 


Richard “Many rides later they are still awesome. Thanks.”

Oliver "Boots just arrived and put em straight on. They fit PERFECT! Thank you!"


Dave “I wear them all the time because they are so comfortable and versatile. Truly a testament to your great craftsmanship!”

Marianne “They are very special to me, and I love that they are one of a kind.”

Josh “Thank you very much for the boots! I’m wearing them as we speak, they fit great and look really good all finished up. Now to show them off! Thanks again”

Kevin “They fit great, which is hard to do since he didn’t personally measure my feet. Daniel, his wife and daughter all work in the boot shop and are amazing people.”

Hugh “Love my Daniel Gordons from the Thompson River Boot Company.”

Rick "Put mine on and spent all day on my feet 10 hours walking on cement. Excellent craftsmanship well worth the money."

Al “I was so impressed with my first boots from Daniel that I had him build me a second pair. I love my two pair of boots, one fancy and one plain, both very well made.”

Karen "My boots arrived today and they are lovely. They feel good and the heels are the right height to keep stress off my knees. Thank you very much."

Dave “Friend Dan, the boots and cuffs that you crafted for me are among my most prized possessions. You are respected and admired throughout the West.”

Wyndelle “Picked the boots up this morning. They’re super awesome, fit like a glove and feel great! Thank you very much again!”

Shirley “They are beautiful. No other pair like them!!”

Dave “Thanks again, Daniel. They're the most comfortable boots I've ever put on!”

Wolfgang "Thank you for creating such a wonderful pair of boots. I wonder where they will take me"

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